If, after spending some time on a chemistry problem, you are unable to make progress, feel free to e-mail your question to Steven Murov at:  

For reasonable questions that can be answered via e-mail, I will make an attempt to show you how to solve the problem.  Please do not play a game of "stump the Professor" as the challenge will be all too easy.  This is a trial run and this site will remain active as long as it is productive.  I hope I can help you understand chemistry and appreciate its importance.  Learning chemistry is a challenge but learning should get easier as you proceed.  With the proper attitude, solving chemistry problems is a rewarding and enjoyable experience.

Please note that the first step in many chemistry problems is a calculation of the number of moles (from, mass, volume and molarity, PV/RT, balanced equation, etc.) Also one of the most straightforward approaches to solving problems involves the use of dimensional analysis (also known as factor label or unit conversion method).

For background of professor, please visit: 

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