CHEMICAL PUNS Matching Exercise                                

Choose the appropriate code from the possible answers provided below. If you are using a Scantron, mark all the letters of the correct answer.

1.  What is ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQSTUVWXYZ ?                                  __________

2.  What is H2O4?                                                                                            __________

3.                                                                                             __________

4.  What is AlPO4?                                                                                          __________

5.  What are HIJKLMNO, (H2O)3(s), and CH2O?                                         __________ 

6.  A really pressing thing.                                                                              ___________

7.  Who said HIOAg?                                                                                      ___________

8.  What is  ?                                                                          ___________

9.  Sing 2[NaCl](aq)                                                                                         ___________

10.  What is ?                                                ___________
11.  What is a Be+Ar?                                                                                   ___________

12.  What you might like to do to a big meanie.                                         ___________

13.  What is ?                                                         ___________

14.  What is Cu(NO3)2?                                                                                   ___________

15.  What are (Ber)8 and (PuS)8?                                                                     ___________

16.  A funny prisoner                                                                                        ___________

17.  Who is 007's Eskimo cousin?                                                                     ___________

18.  O-CH3                                                                                                         ___________

19.  What does a doctor try to do to his patients
        and what happens if the doctor fails?                                                          ___________

20.  The opposite of roofing.                                                                              ___________

21.  Fred yelled "CH3CF3" when he saw his wife's dentist bill.                            ___________

22.  What is a HCLO2(aq) HCLO2(aq) HCLO2(aq) HCLO2(aq) HCLO2(aq) ?     ___________

23.                                                                 ___________
24.  What does one trogen say to another on the way to bed?                             ___________

25.  What did one termite say to the other?                                                         ___________

26.  HeN(ZnI)                                                                                                 ___________

27.  CH3CH2CH2                                          ___________
28.  __Sn2+ ?                                                                                                     ___________

29.  What are a Ba(Na)2 and a CFe2O3?                                                         ___________

30.  What is (NH2CONH2)2?                                                                            ___________
31.                                                        ___________


a.  water, ice cubes , sea water 
b.  fluorine

c.  chicken tetrazzini 
d.  a chorus line
e.  drinking and swimming 
ab.  boron
ac.  October or 8 people in an ice bath, octopus 
ad.  platinum
ae.  helium or curium , barium

bc.  Lone Ranger
bd.  Sailing, sailing over the seven seas 
be.  diarrhea

cd.  overtime pay for a policeman 
ce.  argon

de.  An oral contraceptive. Its says no in every position.

abc.  iron 

abd.  Polar Bond

abe.  transistor , transparent
acd.  purple people eater

ace.  Ethyl, try fluoride! 
ade.  Easter bunny

bcd. banana  and a crust  .

bce.  Do you understand us?

bde.  silicon 

cde.  orthodox, paradox, metaphor
abcd. Polar bear 
abce.  cis boom bah

abde.  cycloprofane

acde.  nitrogen

bcde.  dogs 

abcde.  galvanized chicken wire


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