MAPS Speakers List

All of the following people have made presentations at MAPS programs and were enthusiastically received by the audience. Some gave family science presentations (intended for people of all ages) indicated by an asterisk and others gave frontiers of science presentations (intended for people over 13 years old).

Name Affiliation Topic
Michael Abelman urban farming
Don Ahrens MJC (geology) earthquakes, meteorology
Richard Anderson MJC (biology) belize, biology animation
Steve Anderson Calif. State Sonoma laser light show
Randall Arauz Costa Rico sea turtles
Alan Basbaum UCSF Pain treatment
Arthur Benjamin Harvey Mudd College Mathemagics*
Arden Bercovitz Einstein impersonations
Paul Billings UCSF Human Genome Project, ethics
Ray Bingham Calif. Food, Drug Adm. killer bees
Gladys Block UCB (biochem.) Fruits and vegetables in cancer prevention
Sylvia Branzei Grossology
Geoffrey Briggs NASA-Ames Exploration of Mars
Natalie Cabral NAS-Ames Exploartion of Mars
Marlene Cole space station design
Judith Connor MBARI Deep Sea videography*
Kent Cullers SETI SETI
Jay Davis LLNL - retired Terroism, Iraq inspections
David Deamer UCSC Molecular biology evolution of life
David Dearborn LLNL Inca astronomy
Paul Doherty Exploratorium Physics Fun*
Frank Drake UCSC (astron.) SETI
Phil Duffy LLNL global warming
Pamela Dunsmuir Genetic Engineering for Produce Improvement
Rob Edwards Cabrillo College (archaeology) archaeology of Presidio
Virginia Ernster UCSF Cancer epidemology
Phil Frank S.F. Chronicle Cartooning - Putting Words in Animals' Mouths
Alison Galloway UCSC (anthropology) forensic science
Brian Gibeson Arctic, Sharks, Whales, Dolphins
Thomas Gohring CALFED Bay Delta Program Water Use Efficiency
Michael Goldman CSUSF Microbiology ethics
David Goodsell science of magic*
Joseph Graves Ariz. State Univ. Race & disease fallacy
Al Guenther retired teacher Phantasy of Physics*
Lynn Hansen MJC (biology) Belize, sea turtles
Sandy Harcourt UCD primate behavior
Mark Hart LLNL Radiation
James Harvey Moss Landing Marine Labs Human - marine mammal interactions
Garry Hayes MJC (geology) earthquakes
Brian Holmes CSUSJ (physics) Physics of Music*
John Hooper Calif. Food and Ag. Glassy Winged Sharpshooter
Rich Hopkins California cougars
Jack Horner U. of Montana dinosauers*
John Hutchinson Stanford Univ. dinosaur locomotion
Marsha Ivins NASA astronaut
Nina Jablonski Calif. Acad. Sci. (anthropology) Evolution
Terry Jones Ore.State Univ. dinosauers, cold or warm blooded
Kevin Kelley Earth from Space
Sandy Lawrence HIV
JoAnn Levy women in Calif. gold rush
Tik Liem turning kids onto science
Alex Hassilev
Folk songs, comedy
Richard Linnehan NASA astronaut - veterinarian
Jere Lipps UCB Museum of Paleontology Science in the media
Jerold Lowenstein UCSF Evolution via protein
Larry Lowery Lawrence Hall How People Learn
William Luebke MJC (astronomy) Xmas star
Richard Lundin Wondjina Res. Inst. Sir Francis Drake's travels
Elissa Lynn Channel 10 weather*
Alan McCormack CSUSD (education) Science Theater*
Bruce Macintosh LLNL Astronomy - adaptive optics
Hoss McNutt science educator Science Fun*
Derek Madden MJC (biology) sea turtles
George Matsumoto MBARI Deep Sea studies
Joe Mederios Sierra Com. Col. Africa ecology
Greg Meyer Galapagos
Rich Michael Challenger Center, Atwater Gravity
Paul Mills Public Health, Fresno cancer epidemiology
Jim Mori butterflies of the world
Steve Murov Modesto Junior College (chemistry) Chemical Demos
George Pinky Nelson Western Washington Univ. Science Literacy and U.S. Space Program
Peggy Noone Portland State U. Family Science minorities in science
Susan Owen ?Stanford, UCB Active (Hawaiian) volcanos
Jean Pennycook Fresno City School District Antarctic*
Irene Pepperberg U. of Ariz. Communicating with a parrot
Ray Pestrong CSUSF (geosciences) Geology and the Arts
John Pitts LLNL (retired) nuclear fusion (laser)
Kurt Rademacher Ishi Country
Ron Schusterman Long's Marine Lab Communicating with seals
David Seaborg Evolution, ecology
Leonard Shlain UCSF Art and Physics
Linda Shore Exploratorium Journey Through Our Solar System*
Seth Shostak SETI SETI
Steve Spangler Wren Enterprises Science demos*
Kelli Stewart UCD Gorillas
Robert Tait UCD Molecular biology
Modesto Tamez Exploratorium Hands-on Science
Bob Tierney retired Writing across sciences
Robert Tilling USGS volcano hazards
Janice Van Cleave science books for kids
Guy Van Cleave MJC (biology) bioscaling, rock art
Andrew Waterhouse UCD wine and heart disease
Weird Science
   Rob Lewis
   Lee Marek
   D. Lieneman
   John Little
high school science teachers Chemical demos*
Dan Werthimer UCB SETI
Wildlife Associates unusual live animals
Lynda Williams Singing and dancing physics
Carl K. Winter UCD Songs about food safety
Patricia Winters

Calif. Bat  Conservation Fund bats
Barbara Zimmer Baxter Yeast Infections, Valley fever
Zun Zun music

Potential speakers

Name Affiliation Topic
Susan Autry-Conwell UCD malignant tumors, laser, nuclear treatment
Londa Borer CSUSac chocolate, sci. ed.
James Carey UCD history of longevity
Michele Chen pharmacist health & drug issues
Cybthia Colinge CSUSac 21st century silicon devices
Greg Cortner Fresno Regional Lab

Dept. of Justice

Dan Costa UCSC (bio) marine mammals - low freq. sound
Denise Cummins ?CSUS Evolutionary origins of intelligence
Marianne Diamond UCB brain research
Robert Drewes Calif. Acad. Sci. Toads
Stephen Dutton, Heidi Tiura whale migrations
Delaine Eastin Calif. Ed. Super. Education
Tom Esser Calif. Dept of Food and Ag. glassy-winged sharpshotter, Pierce's Disease
Howard Fields

M.D. Ph.D.

UCSF Pain Medication
Peter Fiske LLNL Meteors and dinosaur extinction
Andrew Frank UCD electric cars
Bob Glass LLNL fuel cells
Rich Gold Xerox, Palo Alto reading research
Ken Goldman CSUSF sharks
Terrence Gosliner Calif. Acad. Sci. (zoology) Galapagos
Mark Grismer UCD Hydrologic Science
Charles Griswold Calif. Acad. Sci. spiders
Mickey Hart Grateful Dead science of percussion
R. Scott Hawley UCD human genome
Susan Healy Sacramento Zoo N. Am. parrots
Frank Hinman UCSF Science and Art
Darleane Hoffman UCB (physics) Superheavy elements
Timothy Horner CSUS, geology Antarctic climate
David Howitt UCD Forensic investigations
Mont Hubbard UCD Sports and Medicine
Paul Dehart Hurd Stanford emeritus science education
Kim Hyland Solectron Corp. PC's, Cel phones
William Jolly UCB (chem) chemistry of photography
Ned Kahn Chabot Planetarium scientific art
Glenn Keator Calif. Acad. Sci. Field guides, evolution of flowering plants
John Knezovich LLNL CAMS
Mark Knize LLNL diet and cancer, cooked meats
Daniel Kohanski Computers and knowledge, Moths in the Machine
Frans Lanting wildlife photographer
Marc Lappe Causes of disease
Darin Latimore


Permanente Medical Group, South Sac. HIV update
Steven Lee CSUSF, Calif. Dept of Justice, Berkeley adjunct DNA forensics
Eileen Lewis UCB chem. education
Marcia Linn UCB Grad. School of Ed. How students integrate scientific ideas
Henry McHenry UCD human ancestors
Samual Markowitz UCB (chemistry) Origin of Life
Sheryl Mercier McCurdle School, Fresno Science ed.*
Nicholas Mota Melville UCD electric cars
Glenn Nedwin Novo Nordisk Biotech DNA
Marco Molinaro UCB Chemistry on computers
Joe Mueller College of Marin marine biology
Tom Noddy bubbles
Laureen Novatne Monterey County Health
Marion O'Leary CSUSac (astron) Mars life
Kevin Padian UCB dinosaurs?*
James Phelps CSUSac light, color
Kent Pinkerton UCD Respiratory Tract Anatomy & toxic insult
Tom Potter Tuscon Science Coord. Fun with Science*
Peter Pyle Point Reyes Bird Observatory great white shark
Melvin Ramey UCD (civil & environ. Engin. Scientific aspects of track jumps
Richard Rava Affymetrix DNA - Chips - info
Theodore Roszak CSU Hayward Folklore of computers
Judy Scotchmoor UCB Museum of Paleontology vertebrate paleo.,   sci.ed.
Kate Scow UCD MTBE clean up
Dr. Shafter, Mr. Stern DeAnza Com. Col. 2 Guys dancing abut math
Anthony Shafer Lucas Digital high tech special effects, animation
Alan Spector Claire the Loon Music, genes*
Angelica Stacy UCB (chem) Chem. education
Chuck Stasek Calif. Acad. Sci. Biol. illustration
Art Sussman Far West global environment*
Joanne Tanner S.F. Zoo Ape communication
Robert Van Syoc Clipperton Island
Terrie Williams UCSC mammals warmth
Kenneth Versosub UCD earth's magnetic field
Greg Young Light, color magic

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