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The article on the Reaction-Map of Organic Chemistry was originally published in the Journal of Chemical Education (Murov, S. J. Chem. Ed., 2007, 84(7), 1224). The supporting information including the Reaction-Map was published online only. Portions of the supporting information are reprinted with permission from J. Chem. Ed. 2007, 84(7), 1224. Copyright 2007 American Chemical Society. The following web sites are available to J. Chem. Ed. subscribers. 

The Reaction -Map of Organic Chemistry has been designed to give organic chemistry students an overview of most of the reactions needed for the organic chemistry course. The chart has been partially organized according to the periodic table on the horizontal axis and according to carbon oxidation level on the vertical axis. In addition the carboxyls are grouped vertically according to decreasing reactivity and carbon - carbon bond forming reactions are emphasized with bold arrows. The chart provides a study aide for students and should help students develop synthetic routes from one functional group to another. The chart should be especially useful for students studying for the final examination for the two semester organic chemistry course. In addition to the chart, three keys are included that organize the reactions according to mechanism, functional group preparations and functional group reactions.

An organic laboratory manual that includes the Reaction-Map of Organic Chemistry is available at:

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