Organic Chemistry Exercise Solutions (with the keys to the Reaction-Map of Organic Chemistry: see Exercise 15 or visit:
The site below contains links to some of the solutions to a set of exercises designed for use with a college organic chemistry course available at .  These exercises were developed as supplementary material for an organic laboratory course and are still available with the lab experiments at:  This site has been added for students who want just the exercises.   .

Exercise 1  Review of General Chemistry   I-9-X1-2.pdf
Exercise 2  Lewis Structures, Isomers, Bond Polarity, Molecular Models and Geometry   I-9-X1-2.pdf
Exercise 3  Chemical Toxicity Considerations  I-10-X3-5.pdf
Exercise 4  Group Frequencies in Infrared Spectra  I-10-X3-5.pdf
Exercise 5  Identification of Unknowns   I-10-X3-5.pdf
Exercise 6  Structure - Activity Relationships: Acidity and pKa Values  I-11-X6-8.pdf
Exercise 7  Choosing Laboratory Procedures   I-11-X6-8.pdf
Exercise 8  Mechanisms of Reactions   I-11-X6-8.pdf
Exercise 9  Petrochemicals and Climate   I-12-X9-11.pdf
Exercise 10  Solvents   I-12-X9-11.pdf
Exercise 11  Energies in Perspective   I-12-X9-11.pdf
Exercise 12  Controversial Chemicals: Issues and Synthesis   I-13-X12-14.pdf
Exercise 13  Material Selection   I-13-X12-14.pdf
Exercise 14  Thought Provoking Problems   I-13-X12-14.pdf
Exercise 15  Preparation of a Key for Reaction-Map of Organic Chemistry   I-14-X15.pdf
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