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Birthday: October 16, 1940
Birthplace: Los Angeles
Marital Status: Married (12/1/89 - Carolyn Ann Murov)
Children: Wendy F. Rosenow (7/16/69), Lori B. Solus (8/1/71), David T. Murov (4/10/76)  
                stepchildren:  Annesa Hartman, Jeffeson Hartman

Grandchildren:  Dylan Rosenow (01/19/01), Hope Solus (05/29/01), Carson Rosenow (07/15/03),
                          Mylee Murov (06/07/10), Harrision Murov (12/05/16)


Menlo-Atherton High School; Atherton, California, 1954-1958
   Life Member - California Scholarship Federation

Harvey Mudd College; Claremont, California, 1958 - 1962
    B.S., 1962, Chemistry Major, California State Scholarship
    Undergraduate research supervisor - Dr. P. C. Myhre
    Honors and Distinction at graduation

        University of Chicago; Chicago, Illinois, 1962 - 1966
         Ph.D., 1967, Physical Organic Chemistry
         NSF Fellow, 1962 - 1965, Esso Foundation Fellow, 1966
         Thesis supervisors - Drs. N. C. Yang and D. S. McClure
         Thesis - "Photochemistry of Aromatic Ketones"

        California Institute of Technology: Pasadena, California, 12/66 - 1/68
            NIH Postdoctoral Fellow, Supervisor - Dr. G. S. Hammond


   State University of New York at Stony Brook; Assistant Professor of Chemistry, 2/68 - 8/73
   Sangamon State Univ.; Springfield, Illinois, Associate Professor of Physical Sciences, 8/73 - 7/77
   Moorhead State University; Moorhead, MN, Visiting Associate Prof. of Chemistry, 9/77 - 7/78
   California State University; Bakersfield, CA, Lecturer of Chemistry, 9/78 - 6/79
   Modesto Junior College; Modesto, California, Professor of Chemistry, 9/79 - 6/06 (retired 6/06)
   UCMerced, Merced, CA, Visiting Professor of Chemistry, 6/06 - 12/06


    Stanford High Energy Physics Laboratory, 6/58 - 9/58
    California Research Corporation, 6/62 - 9/62
    University of Notre Dame Radiation Lab, Notre Dame, Indiana, Consultant, 6/86 - 8/86
    Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, Livermore, CA,
        Consultant for Science Education Center, 6/90 - 8/90, 6/91 - 8/91
   University of Rochester, NSF Center for Photoinduced Charge-Transfer, 6/94 - 8/94
    Host for 4 Flinn workshops (3 in Modesto, 1 at UCMerced)
   Washington State University, NSF Summer Science Institute in Chem. Engineering, 6/95 - 8/95
   Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, Livermore, CA, CAMS Laboratory, 7/01 - 8/02

    Petroleum Research Foundation Grant, 1970 - 1971
    Research Corporation Grant, 1970 - 1971
    Eisenhower Program Science Grant, MAPS (Modesto Academic Partners in Science -
             a four year, $350,000 federal grant for a partnership  between Modesto Junior College
             and Modesto City Schools to increase the level of science literacy), Project Director, 9/90 - 9/94
Distinguished Service Award, Sept., 1994, Modesto Junior College Instructional Administrative Council
Science Education Leadership Award, 10/18/02, San Joaquin County Office of Education and Delta Sierra Science Project.
Modesto Junior College Distinguished Faculty Award, 9/3/03
    Stanislaus County Office of
Education Volunteer of the Year Award 5/22/04
    50 year member, American Chemical Society, 2012
    cover photo, J. Chem. Ed., 2013, 90, Nov. 12.
ACS Collaborative Opportunities grant ($2000) for development of a Great Valley Museum exhibit on matter, elements and density.  09/15/15
        Exhibit opened on 9/13/16 and officially opened on 10/21/16
        Materials posted at:
        Presentations on exhibit made at BCCE, Greeley, CO, 7/31/16,  Modesto Junior Science Colloquium 10/5/16, and at S.F. ACS (4/2/17 - 4/6/17)
   American Chemical Society Helen M. Free Award for Public Outreach, 2018,


   Modesto Area Partners in Science Program Director, 9/89 - 2003
   Science Consultant, Stanislaus County Office of Education, 10/00 - 9/01
   Co-director, Stanislaus County Science Olympiad, 1987 - 1997
   Co-director, NorCal State Science Olympiad, 1996, 1997
   Chief Abitrator,
Stanislaus County Science Olympiad (1998 - present), NorCal State Science Olympiad (2001, 2002),
        Stanislaus County Elementary School Science Olympiad (2001 - present)

    1.  Hundreds of presentations given involving chemistry demonstrations to turn kids on to science and make people aware of the fun, excitement and importance of science (Springfield, IL, Moorhead, MN, Bakersfield, CA, Modesto, CA).  Some of the presentations were by my alter-ego, Dr. Al Chemist, pictured above.  In addition, presentations have been given to science award ceremonies, teacher assemblies and four to local ACS sections (Decatur, IL; Fargo, ND; San Luis Obispo, CA; Sacramento (Stockton), CA, on how to present chemistry in a stimulating and exciting educational way.

    2.  As Director of Modesto Area Partners in Science from 1989 to 2003, I invited and hosted over 100 free  presentations for the Modesto community (monthly on Friday evenings) by prestigious speakers on science related topics.  Most were intended for audiences of people from junior high through senior citizens and typically drew between 200 and 500 people.  About once/semester, presenters for people of all ages were brought in (including myself) and audiences usually ranged from 600 to capacity audiences of 900.  After 2003, a committee took over operation of MAPS but I have continued to serve on the committee and invite speakers.  Last year I invited and hosted 5 of the 9 speakers and this year 2 of the 8 speakers.

   3.  As Director of MAPS between about 1991 and 1995, my team organized annual science conferences for teachers with many presenters.  Attendance was about 300 to 500 K-12 teachers.

  4.  Organized benefit for the Great Valley Museum with presentation by Dr. Al Chemist and the Mischiefs.  10/21/16 - see:

5.  Presentation scheduled for 900 school children in the downtown Modesto Gallo Theater by Dr. Al Chemist and the Mischiefs.  3/15/17



For web sites, see: 

J. Chem. Educ., 2017, 94 (10), pp 15711579, Exploring Matter: An Interactive, Inexpensive Chemistry Exhibit for Museums,

Murov, S. Free downloadable lab book for the college level organic chemistry course posted 02/27/14. 
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The 3rd edition of this Handbook was published by Taylor and Francis in 2006.  Although much of the material was taken from the 2nd edition, the new authors and the publisher chose to not include the names of the authors of the 2nd edition as authors of the 3rd edition.  The Foreword below was written by Nicholas Turro and published in the front material of the 3rd edition.

Cover image  Cover of Journal of Chemical Education, November 12, 2013: Vol. 90, Issue 11.  Photo by Steven Murov

  Wiley Publishing Co.  Cengage 5th , 6th ed.

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