Description Date(s)
Wild Planet Day 10/14, 2017
Science Night at the Great Valley Museum 1st Friday of each month
Great Valley Museum several days/week
MAPS (Modesto Area Partners in Science) various
MJC Science Colloquium Wednesdays
Science on Screen monthly in the Spring, Saturdays, 2:30 pm, tba
CSUStan Science Day 3/10/18
Stanislaus Science Olympiads 3/3/18, 4/21/18
Stanislaus County Science Fair  
DOE Science Bowl  
Stanislaus County Salmon Festival 11/11
MJC Earth Day April, 2018 tbd
Regional Science Centers  
Zoos and Wildlife Preserves  

Wild Planet Day at MJC's Great Valley Museum is October 14, 2017!  Visit:    Join us for a day of fun and festivities while we discover Wild Planet Day including science demonstrations, explore the use of microscopes and hands-on science activities.  There will also be food for sale and a variety of vendor booths provided by campus and local organizations.  Tickets are $8 or $20 for a family of 6.  Planetarium shows are extra.  Contact the Great Valley Museum at 575-6196.


Science Night at the Great Valley Museum

The Great Valley Museum will be open in the evenings, 7 p.m. to 10 p.m., during the first Friday of every month.  Discover the universe through our planetarium shows at 7:30pm & 8:30pm and Science on a Sphere 3-D globe. Campus science clubs will offer insight and highlights, including the MJC Astronomy Club which will provide free telescope viewings on top of the Science Community Center. Join us for a fun, festive atmosphere while we explore science together!  Be sure to dress appropriately during the cold months.






Great Valley Museum  Please visit:

The family friendliest place to visit in Modesto.  Visit soon and often. 

The very uniquie and original new exhibit, Exploring Matter:  An Interactive, Inexpensive Chemistry Exhibit for Museums became available for visitors on 9/13/16 and had its official opening on 10/21/16.

Please note that you can have a thermal (infrared) photo taken
of yourself or a group and have the photo sent to your e-mail address.
For a thermal image, see discussion above about Dr. Al Chemst and the Mischiefs.

MAPS (Modesto Area Partners in Science)          

7:30 pm, MJC West Campus Sierra Hall 132  (except for 11/3)


For downloadable flyers, please visit:,,  and
Modesto Junior College West Campus Sierra Hall 132 (except for 11/3), 7:30 pm, free admission and parking

9/29/2017-  Dave Sheaffer, U.C. Medical Center audiologist on cochlear implants & related hearing technology.


10/27/17 - John Buckley, CSERC: “Forest Health and Fire Resiliency in a Changing Climate" What effect does a warming climate have on the capability of Sierra Nevada forests to be resilient to wildfires?  To what degree has the combination of recent drought and insects altered forest conditions?  Is there any clear trend in wildfire impacts in the Sierra Nevada?  Will forest management choices made in the near term potentially affect forests, wildlife, recreation, and forest watersheds for decades into the future?

11/3/17 - a family science presentation (all ages) in MJC East Campus Auditorium National Geographics Explorer and TED speaker,  Tierney Thys,  “Ocean Engine of Life” - Get ready to jump off the land and into the water for a wild ride around the entire world ocean. As we encounter places of both destruction and desolation, hope and salvation, we'll learn of the ocean’s immense importance to all life, how it has influenced human evolution and world history and discover state-of-the-art research (including the ocean sunfish of course!)  aimed at ensuring a healthy ocean and planet for generations to come. Come dive in! , , , ,


12/1/17   Garry Hayes, MJC Geology Professor – “The Earth Has a History: Rates of Geologic Change and Global Warming." One of the most important clues in understanding today's climate is the Earth's past history. This presentation will provide a perspective on how rapidly the Earth's climate has changed over the last 65 million years compared to the changes happening today.  The discussion will also include a look at some of the methods geologists use to document the past. .


Spring dates TBD


4/6/18  a family science presentation (all ages) in MJC East Campus Auditorium, Raja GuhaThakurta, UCSC and Lick Observatory astronomer.  Title: Our Place in the Cosmos.  My talk will be a slide presentation illustrated by the latest astronomical images, animations, videos, etc. I will discuss how the very material that human beings and other life forms are made of was once synthesized inside the Sun's ancestral stars. Our Milky Way galaxy and other galaxies like it serve as chemical recycling plants and are responsible for the richness and complexity of the Periodic Table of elements. I will then go on to discuss the lives and times of galaxies: galaxy cannibalism and mergers, star formation, and the growth and evolution of galaxies from the tiniest ripples in the fabric of the early Universe.


scheduled for 10/26/2018- Barbara Natterson-Horowitz from UCLA on Zoobiquity.

MAPS is grateful to ASMJC and the MJC Foundation for generous support.  MAPS has been providing free programs for over 26 years but is currently experiencing funding issues.  Contributions to the MAPS program in care of the Modesto Junior College Foundation will be deeply appreciated.

Modesto Junior College Science Colloquium, Wednesdays, West Campus Science Center 115

Science Colloquium, Fall 2017, Wednesdays 3:15 – 4:15 pm:

Sept. 20  Richard Anderson, Ph.D., MJC Biology Emeritus, “Global Climate Change Update”
Sept. 27  Doug Singleton, Ph.D., "Gravitational Waves: A New Window on the Universe" 
Oct.  4     Karin Wagner, MS, LCGC, Genetic Counselor, Kaiser Permanente, “Genetics
Information Explosion and You”
Oct. 11    Ryan Sellman, P.E., Sr. Engineer, Carollo Engineers, Inc., “Keeping Local Water Safe
Oct. 18    Don Williams, C.S.U. Fresno Physics Outreach, “Physics for All”
Oct. 25    Lillian Vallee, Ph.D., MJC English Emerita, “How Original California PeopleUsed Native Plants Everyday”
Nov. 1   Jack Sparks, Outdoor Recreation Planner, U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, “Exploring the Resources of the San Luis National Wildlife Refuge Complex”
Nov. 8     Susan Kerr, Ph.D., MJC Anthropology,  
“Giants and Gorgets: A Journey tothe Prehistoric Mounds of the Southeastern U.S."
Nov. 15   Sally Gerling, Nutritionist, “Nutrition: From the Science to Your Plate”
Nov. 22   No program scheduled due to Thanksgiving
Nov. 29   Alex Martin-Ginnold, Engineer, “Nanotechnology and Bioengineering”
Dec. 6   Rev. John Roberts, “Adam & Eve & Evolution:  Seeking a Synthesis of Faith with Science”

Science Colloquium Committee: Richard Anderson, Dan Chase, Jill Cross, Catherine Greene, Denise Godbout-Avant, Deborah Martin, Elizabeth McInnes, Teri Curtis

Science on Screen, State Theatre

Calif. State Univ. Science Day

Annual Science Day 
7th Annual Science Day

March 10, 2018

10 am to 2 pm

Free Admission and Open to the Public.

Science Olympiads
National -  
NORCAL -    CSU@Stanislaus, 04/14/18, Free
Stanislaus County (middle, high school level) – 3/3/2018, MJC West Campus, Free
Stanislaus County (elementary level) - 04/21/18, Walnut School (Turlock). 
Free with many events open to spectators. 


Stanislaus County Science Fair - May, 2018, Petersen Event Center, Modesto

DOE Science Bowl -

Stanislaus River Salmon Festival, November 11, 2017, Knights Ferry, November. 

EarthDay, Modesto Junior College, April tbd

March for Science 

Regional Science Centers

Bay Area Discovery Museum, Sausalito -  
Calif. Acad. of Sciences, S.F. -
Chabot Space & Science Center, Oakland -     
Children's Creativity Museum, S.F. -  
Children's Discovery Museum, San Jose -  
Coyote Pt. Curiodyssey Museum, San Mateo -  
Discovery Center, Fresno -  
Discovery Museum, Sacramento -    
Exploratorium, S.F. -  
Explorit, Davis -  
Fossil Discovery Museum, Madera -  
Lawrence Hall of Science, Berkeley -  
LLNL Discovery Center, Livermore -  
Lindsay Wildlife Museum, Walnut Creek -  
Long Marine Lab, UCSC -  
Marine Mammal Center, Sausalito -  
Monterey Bay Aquarium, Monterey -  
Randall Museum, S.F. -  
San Luis Wildlife Refuge -  
       Visitor Center -  
Serpentarium, Lodi -  
Six Flags Discovery Kingdom, Vallejo -  
The Tech Museum of Innovation, San Jose - 
World of Wonders, Lodi -

Zoos and Wildlife Preserves

Applegate Park Zoo, Merced -  
Folsom City Zoo Sanctuary,Folsom -  
Happy Hollow Park and Zoo, San Jose -  
Chafee Zoo, Fresno -   
Micke Grove Zoo, Lodi -  
Oakland Zoo, Oakland -  
Sacramento Zoo, Sacramento -   
Salinas – Vision Quest Ranch -
San San Francisco Zoo, S.F. - 

Wildlife Preserves (check for visitation limitations)
Animal Ark, Reno - 
ARK 2000, San Andreas -  
B. Bryan Preserve, Point Arena -    
Cat Haven, Dunlap - 
Safari West, Santa Rosa -
Vision Quest Ranch, Salinas -  

To have additional events added to this site, please send the info to  .

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