A Climate Change Probe:  Is the earth's climate changing and, if so, what are the causes and consequences?


Below are links to two sites that strive to evaluate the causes and impacts of potential climate change.  The Powerpoint slides, via graphical observations and interactive questions, probe climate change issues.  Both presentations contain virtually the same slides and text but the first runs automatically (although slides will advance with clicking) and the second runs manually (clicking required).  The automatic one takes almost 30 minutes to run and is intended primarily for groups.  The manual version allows users to proceed at their own pace and is intended for individual use.  The sites are in the vicinity of 30 MB and take some time to download.  These presentations are still in a draft stage and comments and suggestions will be appreciated ( murovs@yosemite.edu ).







Additional climate change web sites include:

A directory of climate change web sites - http://murov.info/climatechange.htm

The criticallity of climate change - http://murov.info/climatechangeprimer.htm   http://murov.info/climatechangecriticality.pdf



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