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STEM in Stanislaus County - SCOE
Educational Science Associations
K-12 Science Directories and Links
K-12 Science Programs
Science and Technology Centers and Museums (and zoos)
Science Sites and Directories by Discipline   
Science Activities and Teacher Resources
Science Resource Personnel in Stanislaus County 
Science Materials 
Miscellaneous, Image Credits






STEM in Stanislaus County - SCOE
Contact Sean Timmons at SCOE for more information
and sign up for the STEM Education Newsletter 
209 238-1336 |

Next generation standards - 

The next 9 sites are old and probably outdated: 
Achieve (high school goals) - 
Evaluation and ratings of state science standards - 
Framework -
Information - 
GEMS correlation to Calif. standards - 
GEMS correlation to state standards - 

Events (and competitions)

GEMS Workshops -  
Science Olympiad
National - 
     Free with many events open to spectators.  (for info., contact 
Stanislaus County (elementary level) -
    Free with many events open to spectators.  (for info., contact ) 
Science Fair (For science fair project ideas, jump to Science Fair Ideas
Science on Screen
Stanislaus County Science Fair - May, 2015, Petersen Event Center, Modesto  (for info., contact )
National Intel Science Fair -
Google Science Fair - 
DOE Science Bowl - 
Modesto Area Partners in Science (MAPS) events - 
Modesto Junior College Science Colloquium - 
Delta Sierra CREEC -
CSU Stanislaus events -
UCMerced events - 
Wild Planet Day (MJC Great Valley Museum) - Oct., 2015 -  

Educational Science Associations

National Science Foundation - 
National Science Teachers Association - 
Calif. Science Teachers Association -
American Association for the Advancement of Science - 

K-12 Science Directories and Links 
Powerpoint presentations - 

K-12 Science Programs

Stanislaus County
The Delta Sierra Science Project -

State or National
California -
California Science Project -
GEMS - ,

California summer science programs - 

Regional Science and Technology Centers and Museums (and zoos)
(within a 2 hour drive of Stanislaus County)

Bay Area Discovery Museum, Sausalito -
Calif. Acad. of Sciences, S.F. -
Chabot Space & Science Center, Oakland -  
Children's Creativity Museum, S.F. -
Children's Discovery Museum, San Jose - 
Coyote Pt. Curiodyssey Museum, San Mateo - 
Discovery Center, Fresno - 
Discovery Museum, Sacramento - 
Exploratorium, S.F. - 
Explorit, Davis - 
Fossil Discovery Museum, Madera - 
Great Valley Museum, Modesto - 
Lawrence Hall of Science, Berkeley - 
LLNL Discovery Center, Livermore -
Lindsay Wildlife Museum, Walnut Creek -
Long Marine Lab, UCSC - 
Marine Mammal Center, Sausalito - 
Monterey Bay Aquarium, Monterey - 
Randall Museum, S.F. -
San Luis Wildlife Refuge -
       Visitor Center - 
Serpentarium, Lodi - 
Six Flags Discovery Kingdom, Vallejo -
The Tech Museum of Innovation, San Jose -
World of Wonders, Lodi -

Applegate Park Zoo, Merced - 
       Folsom City Zoo Sanctuary,Folsom - 
       Happy Hollow Park and Zoo, San Jose - 
       Chafee Zoo, Fresno -
       Micke Grove Zoo, Lodi - 
       Oakland Zoo, Oakland - 
       Sacramento Zoo, Sacramento - 
       San Francisco Zoo, S.F. - 
    Wildlife Preserves (check for visitation limitations)
        Animal Ark, Reno -
        ARK 2000, San Andreas - 
        B. Bryan Preserve, Point Arena -
        Cat Haven, Dunlap -
        Safari West, Santa Rosa - 

Modesto Junior College Science Center - opened in Fall, 2014
The center houses the Science area and the Great Valley Museum and includes:
a planetarium, observatory, science sphere, Foucault pendulum,
interactive periodic table, outdoor education area

For those interested in contributing to the improvement of science education
in our area, please contact the Great Valley Museum. The Science,
Mathematics and Engineering Division at MJC is seeking ways to improve
the Great Valley Museum, MAPS, SEEK, the Science Colloquium, outdoor education area and the MJC Earthday.  Contributions received from sponsorship
of an element in our new interactive periodic table will help the SME Division expand its efforts to improve science literacy in our area. 

National and International Science and Technology Centers and Museums
Association of Science and Technology Centers -

Science Sites and Directories by Discipline or Topic
also see next category for Science Activities and Teacher Resources

General Science 
Powerpoint presentations - 

Anthropology, Archaeology
           anthro-archaeo_education.html Web Links
NASA Homepage  - 
Hubble telescope - 
       Downloadable Pictures -  
Astrophysics -                      Spitzer telescope
Space Science Directory -
Space Science - 
dna learning center - 
whales - 
astrobiology -
Evolution and the Fossil record -
directories                 electron microsope image of plant bug 


model of water molecule
contains list of other chemistry directories, chemistry
demonstrations sites, experiments at home, etc.                           
Earth Sciences and Geology
Tornadoes -
Volcanoes - 
Weather -
directories                                                Volcanic cone on Kilauea, Hawaii
Environmental Education 
climate change

















Rachel Carson, author of

Silent Spring









Physics                                                               part of CERN supercollider 
Women in Science                                                                    Marie Curie

Science Activities and Teacher Resources 
also see previous category for Science Sites and Directories by Discipline 

Science Fair Ideas  

Science Literacy


Astronomy and Space 

Brain -
Human Genome Project 
Marine Biology - Jason Project -
whales - 
dental anatomy - 

contains list of other chemistry directories, chemistry
demonstrations sites, experiments at home, etc.
polymers -
cleaning agents -

Earth Sciences[]=dc.subject_teacher%3A%22Earth+Science%22
Oceans -
Gardening -
Water Related Activities 
Live from Antarctica - 

Environmental Sciences

Paul Doherty, Exploratorium -  
nuclear information -

Experiments at Home

Science Resource Personnel in Stanislaus County 
This section is still undergoing an update

        William Luebke (Professor Emeritus of Astronomy - MJC) -

        Richard Anderson (Professor Emeritus of Biology - microbiology - MJC) -
          Michele Monlux (Professor of Biology - human biology, anatomy and physiology- MJC)

        Steve Murov - (Professor Emeritus of Chemistry - MJC) 

        Garry Hayes - Professor of Geology - MJC) - 

        Ken Meidl - Professor of Physics and Astronomy - MJC) -

Science Materials 

    A. Available from Stanislaus County Office of Education

Starlab: Starlab is a portable planetarium, inflated by forced air, which allows for images
to be projected on the inside ceiling. Starlab is large enough to accomodate classes of thirty
two students. Workshop training provides participants with the basic knowledge for setting up,
using the projector, and tearing down Starlab. More information about Starlab is available at the
Starlab website. Two Starlabs are available at SCOE.

    B. Commercial Sources of Science Supplies

American Science and Surplus - 
Arbor Scientific -  
Carolina - 
Delta Education - 
Dry Ice - Jack Frost - 1440 Coldwell Ave, Modesto, 209 524-3128
Edmund Scientific - 
Educational Innovations - 
Exploratorium -
Flinn Scientific - 
Frey Scientific - 
GEMS books - 
Harbor Freight Tool - 212 N-Ninth, Modesto, 209 549-1312, hand lens, etc. 
Liquid Nitrogen - Modesto Welding - 
Museum Tour - 
Nasco West - 4825 Stoddard Rd, Modesto, 209 545-1600 -  
Oriental Trading Company - 
Raft - 
Sargent-Welch -
Sempco, Inc. - 
Steve Spangler - 
Ward's Natural Science - 


    National Public Radio Science - 
    NOVA teacher information - 
    Symphony of Science - 
    Modesto Area Partners in Science (MAPS) events -  
    Modesto Junior College Science Colloquium - 

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Images are listed below in order of appearance.  To find public domain images
at the above site, enter the topic of interest followed by public domain.

  Science Degree Programs
Masters - 

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