1.   ION Names and formulas by charge

2.  Solubilities of ionic compounds in water

3.  Anions, Oxoanions and Polyatomics Arranged by Name

4.  Periodic Table of Oxidation States of Monoatomic Ions

For periodic tables including periodic trends and information on ions and metal vs non-metal properties, please visit: 
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A. Positive Ions

+ 1
Ammonium NH4+ Mercury(I) (mercurous) Hg22+
Copper(I) (cuprous) Cu+ Potassium K+
Hydrogen H+ Silver Ag+
Hydronium H3O+ Sodium Na+
Lithium Li+
+ 2
Barium Ba2+ Magnesium Mg2+
Cadmium Cd2+ Manganese(II) (manganous) Mn2+
Calcium Ca2+ Mercury(II) (mercuric) Hg2+
Cobalt(II) (cobaltous) Co2+ Nickel(II) (nickelous) Ni2+
Copper(II) (cupric) Cu2+ Strontium Sr2+
Iron(II) (ferrous) Fe2+ Tin(II) (stannous) Sn2+
Lead(II) (plumbous) Pb2+ Zinc Zn2+
+ 3
Aluminum Al3+ Cerium(III) (cerous) Ce3+
Antimony(III) Sb3+ Chromium(III) (chromic) Cr3+
Arsenic(III) As3+ Iron(III) (ferric) Fe3+
Bismuth(III) Bi3+
+ 4
Lead(IV) (plumbic) Pb4+ Tin(IV)  (stannic) Sn4+
+ 5
Antimony(V) Sb5+ Bismuth(V) Bi5+
Arsenic(V) As5+


B. Negative ions

- 1
Acetate C2H3O2- Hydrogen sulfate (bisulfate) HSO4-
Bromate BrO3- Hydrogen sulfite (bisulfite) HSO3-
Bromide Br- Hydroxide OH-
Chlorate ClO3- Hypochlorite ClO-
Chloride Cl- Iodate IO3-
Chlorite ClO2- Iodide I-
Cyanate NCO- Nitrate NO3-
Cyanide CN- Nitrite NO2-
Fluoride F- Perchlorate ClO4-
Hydride H- Permanganate MnO4-
Hydrogen carbonate (bicarbonate) HCO3- Thiocyanate SCN-
- 2
Carbonate CO32- Sulfate SO42-
Chromate CrO42- Sulfide S2-
Dichromate Cr2O72- Sulfite SO32-
Oxalate C2O42- Tetrathionate S4O62-
Oxide O2- Thiosulfate S2O32-
Persulfate S2O82-
- 3
Ferricyanide Fe(CN)63- Phosphate PO43-
- 4
Ferrocyanide Fe(CN)64-  

3.  Anions, Oxoanions and Polyatomics Arranged by Name




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