1.   ION Names and formulas by charge

2.  Solubilities of ionic compounds in water


A. Positive Ions

+ 1
Ammonium NH4+ Mercury(I) (mercurous) Hg22+
Copper(I) (cuprous) Cu+ Potassium K+
Hydrogen H+ Silver Ag+
Hydronium H3O+ Sodium Na+
Lithium Li+
+ 2
Barium Ba2+ Magnesium Mg2+
Cadmium Cd2+ Manganese(II) (manganous) Mn2+
Calcium Ca2+ Mercury(II) (mercuric) Hg2+
Cobalt(II) (cobaltous) Co2+ Nickel(II) (nickelous) Ni2+
Copper(II) (cupric) Cu2+ Strontium Sr2+
Iron(II) (ferrous) Fe2+ Tin(II) (stannous) Sn2+
Lead(II) (plumbous) Pb2+ Zinc Zn2+
+ 3
Aluminum Al3+ Cerium(III) (cerous) Ce3+
Antimony(III) Sb3+ Chromium(III) (chromic) Cr3+
Arsenic(III) As3+ Iron(III) (ferric) Fe3+
Bismuth(III) Bi3+
+ 4
Lead(IV) (plumbic) Pb4+ Tin(IV)  (stannic) Sn4+
+ 5
Antimony(V) Sb5+ Bismuth(V) Bi5+
Arsenic(V) As5+


B. Negative ions

- 1
Acetate C2H3O2- Hydrogen sulfate (bisulfate) HSO4-
Bromate BrO3- Hydrogen sulfite (bisulfite) HSO3-
Bromide Br- Hydroxide OH-
Chlorate ClO3- Hypochlorite ClO-
Chloride Cl- Iodate IO3-
Chlorite ClO2- Iodide I-
Cyanate NCO- Nitrate NO3-
Cyanide CN- Nitrite NO2-
Fluoride F- Perchlorate ClO4-
Hydride H- Permanganate MnO4-
Hydrogen carbonate (bicarbonate) HCO3- Thiocyanate SCN-
- 2
Carbonate CO32- Sulfate SO42-
Chromate CrO42- Sulfide S2-
Dichromate Cr2O72- Sulfite SO32-
Oxalate C2O42- Tetrathionate S4O62-
Oxide O2- Thiosulfate S2O32-
Persulfate S2O82-
- 3
Ferricyanide Fe(CN)63- Phosphate PO43-
- 4
Ferrocyanide Fe(CN)64-  

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