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Chemistry Essentials: Preparation for the Study of Environmental and Societal Issues
Dr. Steven Murov - http://murov.info  murovs@mjc.edu

This material was initially intended to cover the basic chemistry needed to enable readers to understand the many chemically related issues that impact us on personal and societal levels.  To make the best decisions with regard to climate change, vaccines, food supplements, medicines and a multitude of additional issues, a basic background in chemistry is not just helpful but needed.  The chapters below were written for an evironmental course taught for non-science majors at Modesto Junior College.  The intention was to write additional chapters on the chemistry related issues but at this time plans for writing the additional chapters have been indefinitely postponed.   The chapters included should still have value as an introduction to chemistry.  Some of the chapters have embedded problems and all contain some supplemental problems.  In addition, as a teaching aide, Powerpoint slides have been included on many topics.  These chapters can be supplemented by appropriate material that cover the instructor's preferences.  In addition, some problem sets and Powerpoint slides have been included that do cover some of the personal and societal issues.  Anyone having suggestions for improvement or additions should send an e-mail to Steve Murov.   


(note that Chapter 1 is a large file and might load slowly)
Prologue   http://murov.info/prologue.pdf 
  Assessment of science literacy http://murov.info/sciencelitquiz.pptx
Chapter 1 Introduction to Chemistry http://murov.info/chap1.pdf 
  Problems http://murov.info/chap1prob.pdf
  Powerpoint slides http://murov.info/Chap1.pptx
Chapter 2         Electrons and the Periodic Table http://murov.info/chap2.pdf 
  Problems http://murov.info/chap2prob.pdf
  Powerpoint slides http://murov.info/Chap2.pptx
Chapter 3         Compounds and Bonding http://murov.info/chap3.pdf 
  Problems http://murov.info/chap3prob.pdf
  Powerpoint slides http://murov.info/Chap3.pptx
Chapter 4         Water and Hydrogen Bonding http://murov.info/chap4.pdf 
  Problem http://murov.info/chap4prob.pdf
  Powerpoint slides http://murov.info/Chap4.pptx
Chapter 5         Lewis Structures and Isomers http://murov.info/chap5.pdf 
  Problems http://murov.info/chap5prob.pdf
  Powerpoint slides http://murov.info/Chap5.pptx

Chapter 6        


Chemical Reactions, Calculations

and Energy Considerations

  Problems http://murov.info/chap6prob.pdf
Chapter 7         Acids, Bases and Concentrations http://murov.info/chap7.pdf 
  Problems http://murov.info/chap7prob.pdf
  Powerpoint slides http://murov.info/Chap7.pptx
atmosphere issues Problems http://murov.info/chapatmosphereprob.pdf
  Powerpoint slides http://murov.info/Chematm.pptx  
  climate change directory http://murov.info/climatechange.htm
nuclear chemistry Problems http://murov.info/chapnuclearprob.pdf
  Powerpoint slides http://murov.info/Chemnuc.pptx  
biochem and medical Problems http://murov.info/chapbiochemprob.pdf
  Powerpoint slides http://murov.info/Chembio.pptx 
Additional problems   http://exercises.murov.info/chemexercises.htm
Murov web sites   http://murov.info/ 

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