Basic and General Chemistry

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Chemistry exercises   same as site below without tutorial links, new 9/13/20 
Highlights of Chemistry - 33 Pages that cover some of the highlights of chemistry.  Helpful for all people including those who will not take more chemistry and those going on into tradional chemistry courses.
Chemistry Essentials:  Introduction to chemistry
Atomic Mass and Isotopes:  Interpreting the Numbers New 10/2/20
Chemistry Insights or Chemistry Beyond the Book
Chemistry Enrichment - tips for teaching moments
   PowerPoint slides for Chemistry Enrichment  (very large file of about 40mb, takes time to download)
Chemistry Tutorial Directory (not maintained) 
Chemistry Insight
Interactive Chemistry Insights  NEW 12/4/20
oxidation #, electronegativity, formal charge,
molecular polarity, pH, climate change, learning from mistakes
Periodic Tables      
Periodic Table Timelines (large file, slow download)


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