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Interactive questions on a variety of topics ranging
from endangered animals, climate change, geography,
celebrities and scientists to Presidents.


The presentations below have been designed as trivia challenges for personal use or to be shown to audiences who arrive early for presentations.  All include questions about the topic indicated in the title that should be answerable by many participants.  The slide shows include images that should be familiar and hopefully will be grab the attention of participants and provide a fun learning experience that for audiences makes waiting time fly by.  These shows were designed for audiences of Modesto Area Partners in Science (MAPS) programs ( or ) but should be applicable for audiences everywhere with a few modifications (with the exception of the Wonders of Modesto pre-show).  Slides advance automatically (a few are available in manual format) and the length of the pre-shows varies from about 10 minutes to 30 minutes.  For the PowerPoint versions, please feel free to download and make any modifications desired.  The time can be adjusted by deleting slides or adjusting the time that each slide is on the screen.  It is hoped that users find these trivia challenges and pre-shows interesting and useful.  Please note that the PowerPoint files are large and can take several minutes to download. Use of the html versions avoids the download time but modifications will be difficult if not possible. (Conversion of the PowerPoint versions to html were made with HTML5PPOINT ( To make comments or suggestions, please send e-mails to Steve Murov 

Sampler of several of the files below.
Animals, critically endangered
Animals with unusual features
Athletes, Prominent   
athletes of the 21st century,
athletes all time
Olympians, 2021   8/18/21 (for PowerPoint links)
Birds of North America
Birthstones (Name the stone and month) 
Butterflies of North America
Chemical Puns
Chemistry Reaction Exercise
based on Rxn-Map of Org. Chem.
Climate Change Probe
Interactive probe into climate change issues (for PowerPoint links)
Close-up image identification -
a portion of an image is magnified
Constellations (sky)
Dog Breeds
Element quiz (with periodic table) - 
an image and information about elements
Face recognition exercise -
an inverted partial face and then the partial face
Famous paintings and artists quiz
Famous scientists identification quiz
Fascinating Chemicals (PPT presentation for use during presentation
Flags and Capitals of countries
Flowers, popular
Geography quiz
Historical Events
Identification of Masked Celebrities
Illustrated U.S. National Anthem -
Star Spangled Banner words with images
Influential People (Historical)  
The top one runs automatically but is a long for a pre-show and the font size might be a little small for an audience presentation.  For personal use, choose the manual option.
Lakes of the World
Optical illusions and observations quiz
Organic Chemistry Reaction Exercise (not automated)
 Periodic Table - PowerPoint presentation for use during talk on the development of the periodic table
President naming
Rivers of the World
Science Literacy quiz
Serendipitous Discoveries   automatic
manual  (each slide requires considerable reading)
State Capitals
Vitamins: Sources, Functions,
Wonders of California quiz-
images of famous Northern Calif. locations
Wonders of Modesto quiz -
images of Modesto places and people   posted 5/8/20
An older version is still available but was developed for a different purpose.
Wonders of the Universe quiz
- astronomical images of the Universe
Wonders of the World quiz - 
images of natural and human made earth features
Young celebrity id quiz, the 1st one is the newest, the 3rd contains some morphing - identify celebrities from pictures as youth.

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